The Educational Development Center (EDC) serves students with a wide range of psychological and behavioral disabilities. In addition, we offer specialized programs to address important areas of need.

Autism Program

Students who are on the Autism spectrum, most specifically those with Asperger Syndrome, with impairments in socialization, communication, cognition, and sensation will be considered for admission.


Recognizing that social impairments are often the greatest challenge for students with autism, the program at EDC will:

  • Cultivate understanding of the social aspects of language, abstract concepts, and nonverbal communication/cues
  • Foster successful peer relations and social interactions
  • Promote social connections with other students in the building for brief, specified times to engage in a peer-to-peer buddy system
  • Teach lifelong problem-solving skills


Using the latest evidence-based practices for instruction, social skill development, and self-management, the program provides:

  • Individual and group counseling that focuses on social skills development using different approaches including, but not limited to, social stories, self-monitoring strategies, role-playing, and rehearsal
  • Close monitoring of sensory and processing of information and adjust the learning environment as needed
  • A team approach encouraging communication and collaboration with the parents, LEA’s, other agencies, and available autism resources.

Experiential Vocational Program

Designed for students with disabilities, this program takes an individualized approach to prepare each student to maximize his or her potential for independence in employment, community, and activities of daily living.

  • Hotel and Hospitality Services
  • Home Health Care
  • Carpentry
  • Culinary Arts
  • Laundry Service
  • Vehicle Maintenance
  • Green Cleaning Services


  • Develop self-advocacy skills
  • Facilitate linkages with adult service support programs and agencies
  • Vocational development and job placement


  • On-campus and community-based internships and opportunities
  • Activities to support the development of independent daily living skills
  • Community–based trips to support vocational experiences and job placement

To learn more about the features of the program, please download our information sheet [PDF].

Post-Graduate Vocational/Life Skills Program

Students who are eligible for a special/IEP diploma and who have not aged out of special education services may participate in this program.


  • Obtaining a diploma and continuing in special education services
  • Further developing education and independent living
  • Building career/vocational skills
  • Job matching


While on the EDC campus, students continue to develop functional reading, math and writing skills. They can select from classes or modules designed to explore career clusters and jobs, as well as independent living skills such as:

  • Personal finance, including budgeting, banking, understanding wages, taxes, reading leases, credit applications, and more
  • Job preparation, filling out job applications and interviewing, communication skills in the workplace, field trips to enhance job readiness skills or to explore potential jobs
  • Securing insurance, and learnerʼs or driverʼs license