All students at The Educational Development Center (EDC) are supported by an experienced and well-qualified clinical team. Upon enrollment, individual therapy is coordinated with related services as indicated by the student’s individualized education and service plan.

Behavioral Adaptation System
Our GEARA Behavioral Adaptation System extends beyond the management of behavior. This system attempts to heighten students' awareness of the positive and negative natural/logical consequential nature of their behaviors. Attempts are then made to identify the origins of the behavior and to problem-solve for more productive alternatives. The process leads to an increased sense of individual accountability and responsibility. We enforce school rules strictly and maintain high academic and behavioral expectations for students.

Students' varied stages of development are always taken into consideration. Their differing abilities to internalize information based on past experiences and the uniqueness of each individual's environment are of major importance. The GEARA Behavioral Adaptation System is incorporated in every aspect of the student's life, resulting in greater self-control and internal motivation.

Modalities Used


"Be The Change" Anti- Bullying Campaign

Bullying is now a national concern. The Educational Development Center (EDC) incorporated a "Be the Change" program to prevent bullying and to foster a positive and kind environment for everyone. This peer-to-peer program relies on student facilitators to teach skills and concepts fundamental to empathy, through acknowledgment of shared feelings of being socially disconnected.



Play Therapy 

Play is a child’s natural language and toys are their words. Symbols such as toys and miniatures allow for full expression of thoughts and feelings without needing a large vocabulary. 




Equine Facilitated Therapy
This program teaches empathy, communication and personal awareness, through structured exercises with specially trained horses and equine specialists.




Art Therapy
The creative process is a wonderful tool to identify and explore life issues to prompt and promote healing. Mediums are multifaceted and child specific.



Therapeutic Drumming
Drumming can help people relax, energize and express themselves, while group drumming encourages cooperation and nonverbal communication. Research shows that rhythmic activities strengthen the part of the brain involved in emotional regulation.




Group Processing
All students participate in small groups to learn appropriate interpersonal and social interactions. Groupings are issue specific. Techniques include team building, communication exercises, assertiveness training, and anger management.




teen yoga.jpg

All counselors teach students ways to monitor their emotions and maintain a stable mood and appropriate adaptive behavior. Designed to develop and enhance coping skills, therapeutic techniques include yoga, breathing exercises, mental focusing, and relaxation.